Privacy Policy

Unearthing Your Roots Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of all users of our website. The relationships that we have with the users and clients and of our website are very important to us. As a result, the right to privacy is  something to which we at Unearthing Your Roots Inc. embody.

Online Payments

For online payments that are conducted through our secure online card service collects card information (such as account name, number and expiration date), which is used for billing purposes only and remains completely confidential.

Communications with Us

Our website has features whereby users can email us. Requests for  information may be forwarded as needed to best respond to a specific  request. We may retain e-mails and other information sent to us for our  internal administrative purposes, and to help us to serve customers better.


We do not share personally identifiable information with other organizations; apart from those acting as our agents in providing our product(s)/service(s), and agree to use it only for that purpose and to keep the information secure and confidential.

*We may share aggregate information, which is not personally identifiable, with others. This information may include usage and demographic data, but it will not include personal information.


Unearthing Your Roots Inc. uses reasonable precautions to protect our users' personal information and to store it securely. Files containing your information could be subject to production in a court of law. Even with all  reasonable efforts to protect them, these files could be accessed  illegally or against our wishes. Credit card information is encrypted and is transmitted to us securely. In addition, access to all of our  users' information is restricted. Only Unearthing Your Roots Inc. employees who need the  information to perform a specific job (for example, a billing clerk or a  customer service representative) are granted access to personally  identifiable information. Information is kept on secure servers in a  secure environment.

Unearthing Your Roots Inc. will not be liable for damages resulting from a release of the information that you provide us unless Unearthing Your Roots Inc. was grossly negligent or acted with reckless disregard. By submitting information to Unearthing Your Roots Inc., you agree to accept the terms of this Privacy Statement.